Friday, January 21, 2011

Eventful Week!

So as you can see I haven't kept up with my hopes of blogging every week but at least I have had good intentions AND I am here now, right?? :)

Things have been good, but busy of course. I've been working on a few different projects these days and had some deadlines that needed to be kept. But I'm very happy it's the weekend and I'm starting to see some time to get working on some NEW projects!

One thing that I've been working a lot on lately are beer tap labels for The Gamble Mill. I've actually been able to help Mike out on a few mini projects for the Mill like creating a place mat for their samplers and a Brewer's Club Card. The labels have been pretty intense though. They first started as having just the name of the beer because legally they needed to display the name on the taps. However, after the first draft of those we all realized that they looked pretty boring and should be jazzed up a bit. I started drawing pictures to go with the beers. I've been struggling though because they are NOT papercuttings. I initially thought about doing cuttings for them but through different tries and debating I ended up going with straight drawings. The problem is that even though I do a bit of drawing for my papercuttings, my drawings are VERY sketchy and usually look very different than a final "cut." So I've been slightly stressed out drawing and having that be the final result! But I FINISHED! A nice relief for sure to have that done. Maybe if you head out to the Mill you'll get to see the final product. I did the originals in color but I think they might end up using a black and white version.

Other big news - I filed my first round of sales taxes! This is a huge accomplishment for me because I feel like I really own my own business! It may be small and I move slowly, but it is happening and it's pretty awesome! Something I haven't really made too public yet is that I do have a website: It's still very much in it's beginning stages, I have a ton more pictures to add and I might even revamp some of the look as well. I am doing it all on my own though so it's taking a long time. I'm also going to be able to sell things right on it too. So stay tuned to see progress on that as well!

Something else I accomplished this past week was making a design to submit into a t-shirt contest for ORION. This is a program through Shaver's Creek for incoming freshman at Penn State. Students go on a week-long backpacking trip in small groups of 12. At the end of the week they either participate in a high-ropes course or a day of canoeing. It gives them the opportunity to get to know new people, form bonds that often last through their entire college experience, challenge themselves physically and emotionally, and just an awesome way to start out in college. I got to work with ORION for 2 years when I was in college. One year as a trip leader and the following year as a logistics organizer. It was a great experience and as a result I have always had a special place in my heart for ORION. So when I heard that they were going to do a t-shirt contest I was excited to participate.

This is the design I came up with. I had a ton of fun creating it, and it was especially rewarding since I haven't been cutting for so long. Look closely and you will see 12 hikers, 2 tents, binoculars, a screech owl, the sun & moon, canoeing and a high ropes course.
The contest will begin on Monday I believe so I'll try and post where you can vote!

I also was able to go to a girls Crafty Night last night, which was so much fun. I've always wanted to have a craft group to go to but somehow have never really found one. I'm so excited to now know so many people who also like to create! It was a great evening and I actually was able to complete a new scarf for Teagan. She really needs one for playing in the snow. Although after making it I realized it's not the warmest thing so it might turn into more of a boa instead of a scarf. Luckily she likes it!!

Blowing kisses like a movie star :)

Drawing with her new scarf :)

AND, now the most exciting news...Teagan has begun her potty training journey!! It was really a distant thought in my mind just a few weeks ago, but she has taken the lead on this one! We have a potty book that we read every once in awhile, but about 2 weeks ago we were reading it and all of a sudden she jumped up and ran to the bathroom. Started pointing to the toilet and opening the lid and pretending to flush and everything. So I thought...maybe we should get her a potty soon. So we did and she LOVED it! She was so interested and has spent probably hours so far just exploring it. I wasn't sure if we were close to having her actually use it but it happened the other night - #2! (Sorry for the detail but I'm so excited!) and then again last night for Mike while I was out at crafty night! I am still in so much shock and am so excited about it! Still no #1, which I think is a little strange, but hey, we'll take what we can get! It's just so crazy - 18 months old! I'm so proud of her!!

I'll spare you and her the awkwardness of posting pictures of her really "using" it! :)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy New Year!!


Yes, it is true, I have made the decision to pick up blogging again! I've been missing it for the last two years and decided to treat myself to getting back into it. I've kept journals off and on since my childhood and never really thought that blogging would be for me. But once a dear friend of mine started one I found myself becoming addicted to it. I would check it everyday just hoping to find new pictures or read of something they've been up to (she lives in FL so it was so nice to be able to stay in touch on another level besides random phone calls.) But then the inevitable happened, life...and blogging had to take a back seat. I remember continuing to check it everyday but as the time passed I knew that the chances were more and more slim that I would find something new.

So taking some time to evaluate why I was obsessed with her blog I decided that there was no need to become frustrated with not getting my "fix" I could take matters into my own hands and create my own blog. Nature, Papercuts & Brew was born and I LOVED doing it! I found writing very rewarding and it was especially nice since we didn't live near anyone we knew. I found it to be a nice way to keep in touch (this was before Facebook :). However, life caught up to us too. Teagan was born and that was pretty crazy. Then balancing work and family proved to be an even bigger challenge. THEN we decided to completely uproot ourselves and move from Ithaca back to State College. Teagan was only 6months old when we made the decision and, well, fast-forward another year and here we are. I'm sure not anywhere near "settled" but at least gaining ground and feeling closer to that goal. I see this coming year as being equally busy or even more but I am going to try my best to continue to blog.

Another part of my New Year's Resolutions is to spend less time on Facebook. I admit, I am a bit obsessed at times, looking at it multiple times a day. I find hours just slipping through the cracks and this has contributed to my feelings of not accomplishing enough. So less time on FB and more time blogging. It's a strange swap (still computer time) but at least with blogging I can feel like I'm accomplishing something. I look back on the past couple of years from our blog and it's such a fun reminder of what all we did. It's like having an on-line scrapbook. Also, I mentioned that I'm going to "treat" myself to blogging again. That is the truth. I really enjoy doing this, so why deny myself that happiness? I guess I've always been brought up to work first and then play, I used to put blogging into the "play" category. Not that it will change into a "work" category now, but something that is necessary to keep me happy. My problem is that I can never see the end of "work" so I never get to the "play". Does that make sense? I guess what I'm trying to say is that I am making time for myself, doing something that I really like to do and I'm going to do that at least once a week. I deserve it! :)
(Not that I needed to defend why I'm going to blog again, but it feels good to say it.)

So onto happenings. Here is another dilemma that I constantly put onto far back should I go with what I post about?? I'd like to pick up from the last post and do a brief catch-up, but just the thought of that is way too overwhelming. So I'll just start new :)

Here is Teagan this morning. Happy and wanting to sing the alphabet song. She doesn't say a ton of words yet but she's getting close. Loves to say "NO" and is finding ways to make her needs and wants known. Just this past week she seems to have really discovered her strength and ability to climb. Shes climbing the furniture and even got up onto a kitchen chair all by herself. It's really giving me a taste of reality and what's to come!

Here is another "taste" of the New Year! Mike's family tradition of the Worski. I won't elaborate too much on what is in it but it's ridiculous and at times is referred to as "The Widow Maker." Need I say more? But once you see and taste the Worski, you know that a new year has arrived. :)

And look! Teagan is ready to give it a try! I think you need to open up a little wider! :)
Just kidding. She was singing her ABC's :)

Happy New Year and keep checking back because there will be more!

Friday, January 22, 2010

We're Still Breathing!

Here are a few pictures of the state parks in winter - so pretty!

Hello out there!
I know I've been such a HORRIBLE blogger over the past YEAR! I do think about this everyday though, so I have high hopes that I will someday get back into the swing of things.

We have all been doing really well and I'm sure as you can guess have been very busy and having lots of fun! Teagan is doing great and growing soo fast! She will be 7months old next week, which is crazy to think about! She has her two bottom teeth and is eating solids on an irregular basis. I blame myself for not being diligent with feedings. But she is starting to get into it and has tried several different fruits and veggies. She is also doing great on her belly and probably just a few weeks away from crawling. Right now she can spin on her belly and push off of things. She is also VERY strong and loves to stand. She can stand on her own for several minutes. AND she is just starting to be able to wave when you wave to her. She is so cute and such a happy baby. We feel so lucky to have her in our lives. Oh yeah - she is weighing around 18.5 lbs (probably closer to 19 now) and is around 25in long and sleeping great - goes to bed around 8pm and gets up around 7 or 8 am. Yeah, we really cannot complain at all, but believe me, we appreciate how good she is and are thankful every day!

Well, I really need to get going because I still have some Christmas presents to put together! What a surprise - right? Maybe next year I can get done before January. But for now my goal is to be done by the end of January!

Anyways, here are a few recent pics of Teagan.
And now hopefully I can get motivated to write more frequent!

Teagan is so excited to drive!

Her first mohawk!

Standing and watching Abner :) - she loves watching the kitties!

Frogger in Bumbo

Flower Head

Enjoying her prunes - yumm :P

Standing with her new stroller & baby.

So cute in her sunglasses

Hanging with Pops

Teagan has found her tongue too :)

PS - if you enjoy this blog and look forward to new posts, leave me comments so that I know :) It helps to have some pressure! Ha!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Teagan Photos!

I know I've been bad with posting but here are some Teagan photo albums!
Maybe someday I'll be able to get back to real posts :)

Teagan 4 months

Teagan 3 months

Teagan 2 months

Friday, September 11, 2009

Scott & Roxie's Surprise!

A few weeks ago, Mike's family had their yearly reunion at Keuka Lake. This year was a little different though because Mike's parents were at their house to pretty much stay for the rest of the summer. They have both retired this year and are quite excited about this next step of life. They also celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary, Scott turned 60 this year AND they both became grandparents for the first time ;). So with all of these fun and exciting events happening, the 3 kids got together and decided to throw them a surprise party to celebrate!

It had been quite the chore to keep this party a surprise, but the biggest surprise was that Ryan, Sarah, Betsy and Ben were coming to town for it! We had to plan how to present this surprise in the most fun way, so here is what happened:

The day of the party, we were at the lake and somehow had to get Scott and Roxie out onto their boat (we were going to take them by boat, up the lake to a state park where the party was going to be held.) Mike and I had to get them onto the boat without them suspecting anything too big. We decided to present them with two gifts and told them that they were late anniversary presents but for them to make sense, they had to open them out on the lake. So off we headed to the boat and the 5 of us (Teagan's first boat ride) headed up the lake.

They were pretty funny as we traveled and you could just see the wheels turning in their heads. Finally we stopped across the lake from the state park and allowed them to open their gifts.

Each box contained one receiving blanket and a rubber band. The reaction we got was exactly what we were going for - Roxie said, "you aren't pregnant again are you?" HA! We let the silence linger for a few moments and then! Today these are not receiving blankets, they are actually blindfolds. And now we need to blindfold you so you can get your real present.

Now the wheels were REALLY spinning and they were so confused with what we were going to do to them. It was great! So once the blindfolds were on we headed across the lake to the state park.

We first had to make a quick stop at the dock to pick up the 4 kids. Quietly they jumped onto the front of the boat and then we headed up a little further along the lake to where the whole group was gathered.

Once we got to a spot where we could see the whole group on shore we let them take their blindfolds off and look around. They then discovered Ryan, Sarah, Betsy and Ben on the boat and all the people on shore. What a fun surprise and they never suspected a thing! It was a success! (Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of the big reveal but I'm sure you can imagine their shocked faces :).

Here is a fun cake we had made for them with their wedding picture on it.

Their love still burns brightly!

Here are most of the girls. Both Scott and Roxie's families were there - so much fun!

The whole gang :)

We also got to meet Ryan & Sarah's new baby - Durok. Here is Evan and Conell walking him.

Aunt Toni, Mia & Teagan. Mia was so excited about Teagan :)

Uncle Mike provided root beer, which was a huge hit - especially with the kids.

Auntie B with Teagan

After the picnic we all headed to the Treehouse for a little after party.

Sleepy Babies - Mike with Durok & Auntie B with Teagan

Teagan passed out after a busy and hot day!

Brian and the boys

And one final goofy picture - Evan got ahold of my camera and has turned into quite the photographer :)

State College Trip

We got to make a quick trip home a few weeks ago because a friend of ours, Jim was getting married. We were so excited to join them on their special day.

His wife, Jess is such a great person - we're really happy for them!

We also got to reunite with Louis. Here is Mike, me, Jess, Jim & Louis :)
This was also my first extended period of time away from Teagan. We both did well.

Here is a hanging papercut that I did for them. I've been a little bad about papercutting lately so I decided to offer them a custom made papercutting instead. So one of these days I will make a framed one for them with their requests.

Of course we had some family time too.

Here is Conell with Teagan. He loves her so much! Every time we are together he wants to hold her and is so interested in what she is doing and how she is.

Some QT with Auntie Jeannie

The ladies - Teagan with Gammy & Gram :)

Proud grandparents

These are pictures of me and Teagan in the same outfit. My mom had saved a lot of outfits of mine from when I was a baby so we had fun dressing Teagan up. Can you tell who is who?

This is me and Teagan is above :)