Monday, March 3, 2008

Wildlife & Cupcakes

Things have been going pretty good lately. Just working lots and trying to figure out this house situation. We got to see 4 more houses over the weekend, but still not much luck. We had some snow finally last week but then it got FREEZING so we didn't really get to play in it. Oh well, maybe we'll get some more soon. Today it about all melted with temperatures in the 50's! Crazy!!!

Here's a deer that was out back of our apartment - we have so many deer around here. People get mad at them, but I still think they are beautiful. It's pretty amazing that there are such large animals that just roam around us!

Last week I had to go to Geneva for a meeting and on my way up I finally spotted some white deer! I have heard about them for so long, but this was my first sighting. At first I thought they were goats, but on closer inspection I found that they really were deer. There is a whole herd of them in this old army depot area that is fenced off. The deer aren't albino - they just have some gene that somehow become predominant - maybe it has something to do with a lack of predators.....not sure, but they're still pretty cool.

A hairy woodpecker on our back porch.

Myra & Abner lovin each other :)

Cupcakes!! I actually baked - it's a miracle! I had been craving cake for so long and decided to break down and make some cupcakes for Valentine's Day. We took them to Pixel (this bar that we go to almost every Thursday for Cask night. Ithaca Beer serves a special cask - or mini-keg - every week. It's a lot of fun). Yum!

Turkeys!!! This is also out back of our apartment. I swear there were almost 30 on this morning - what a weird, yet beautiful bird!

The squirrels can be quite entertaining for the cats. This one was teasing Myra - so close, yet so far away :(