Friday, September 11, 2009

State College Trip

We got to make a quick trip home a few weeks ago because a friend of ours, Jim was getting married. We were so excited to join them on their special day.

His wife, Jess is such a great person - we're really happy for them!

We also got to reunite with Louis. Here is Mike, me, Jess, Jim & Louis :)
This was also my first extended period of time away from Teagan. We both did well.

Here is a hanging papercut that I did for them. I've been a little bad about papercutting lately so I decided to offer them a custom made papercutting instead. So one of these days I will make a framed one for them with their requests.

Of course we had some family time too.

Here is Conell with Teagan. He loves her so much! Every time we are together he wants to hold her and is so interested in what she is doing and how she is.

Some QT with Auntie Jeannie

The ladies - Teagan with Gammy & Gram :)

Proud grandparents

These are pictures of me and Teagan in the same outfit. My mom had saved a lot of outfits of mine from when I was a baby so we had fun dressing Teagan up. Can you tell who is who?

This is me and Teagan is above :)

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