Friday, September 11, 2009

Scott & Roxie's Surprise!

A few weeks ago, Mike's family had their yearly reunion at Keuka Lake. This year was a little different though because Mike's parents were at their house to pretty much stay for the rest of the summer. They have both retired this year and are quite excited about this next step of life. They also celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary, Scott turned 60 this year AND they both became grandparents for the first time ;). So with all of these fun and exciting events happening, the 3 kids got together and decided to throw them a surprise party to celebrate!

It had been quite the chore to keep this party a surprise, but the biggest surprise was that Ryan, Sarah, Betsy and Ben were coming to town for it! We had to plan how to present this surprise in the most fun way, so here is what happened:

The day of the party, we were at the lake and somehow had to get Scott and Roxie out onto their boat (we were going to take them by boat, up the lake to a state park where the party was going to be held.) Mike and I had to get them onto the boat without them suspecting anything too big. We decided to present them with two gifts and told them that they were late anniversary presents but for them to make sense, they had to open them out on the lake. So off we headed to the boat and the 5 of us (Teagan's first boat ride) headed up the lake.

They were pretty funny as we traveled and you could just see the wheels turning in their heads. Finally we stopped across the lake from the state park and allowed them to open their gifts.

Each box contained one receiving blanket and a rubber band. The reaction we got was exactly what we were going for - Roxie said, "you aren't pregnant again are you?" HA! We let the silence linger for a few moments and then! Today these are not receiving blankets, they are actually blindfolds. And now we need to blindfold you so you can get your real present.

Now the wheels were REALLY spinning and they were so confused with what we were going to do to them. It was great! So once the blindfolds were on we headed across the lake to the state park.

We first had to make a quick stop at the dock to pick up the 4 kids. Quietly they jumped onto the front of the boat and then we headed up a little further along the lake to where the whole group was gathered.

Once we got to a spot where we could see the whole group on shore we let them take their blindfolds off and look around. They then discovered Ryan, Sarah, Betsy and Ben on the boat and all the people on shore. What a fun surprise and they never suspected a thing! It was a success! (Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of the big reveal but I'm sure you can imagine their shocked faces :).

Here is a fun cake we had made for them with their wedding picture on it.

Their love still burns brightly!

Here are most of the girls. Both Scott and Roxie's families were there - so much fun!

The whole gang :)

We also got to meet Ryan & Sarah's new baby - Durok. Here is Evan and Conell walking him.

Aunt Toni, Mia & Teagan. Mia was so excited about Teagan :)

Uncle Mike provided root beer, which was a huge hit - especially with the kids.

Auntie B with Teagan

After the picnic we all headed to the Treehouse for a little after party.

Sleepy Babies - Mike with Durok & Auntie B with Teagan

Teagan passed out after a busy and hot day!

Brian and the boys

And one final goofy picture - Evan got ahold of my camera and has turned into quite the photographer :)

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