Friday, January 22, 2010

We're Still Breathing!

Here are a few pictures of the state parks in winter - so pretty!

Hello out there!
I know I've been such a HORRIBLE blogger over the past YEAR! I do think about this everyday though, so I have high hopes that I will someday get back into the swing of things.

We have all been doing really well and I'm sure as you can guess have been very busy and having lots of fun! Teagan is doing great and growing soo fast! She will be 7months old next week, which is crazy to think about! She has her two bottom teeth and is eating solids on an irregular basis. I blame myself for not being diligent with feedings. But she is starting to get into it and has tried several different fruits and veggies. She is also doing great on her belly and probably just a few weeks away from crawling. Right now she can spin on her belly and push off of things. She is also VERY strong and loves to stand. She can stand on her own for several minutes. AND she is just starting to be able to wave when you wave to her. She is so cute and such a happy baby. We feel so lucky to have her in our lives. Oh yeah - she is weighing around 18.5 lbs (probably closer to 19 now) and is around 25in long and sleeping great - goes to bed around 8pm and gets up around 7 or 8 am. Yeah, we really cannot complain at all, but believe me, we appreciate how good she is and are thankful every day!

Well, I really need to get going because I still have some Christmas presents to put together! What a surprise - right? Maybe next year I can get done before January. But for now my goal is to be done by the end of January!

Anyways, here are a few recent pics of Teagan.
And now hopefully I can get motivated to write more frequent!

Teagan is so excited to drive!

Her first mohawk!

Standing and watching Abner :) - she loves watching the kitties!

Frogger in Bumbo

Flower Head

Enjoying her prunes - yumm :P

Standing with her new stroller & baby.

So cute in her sunglasses

Hanging with Pops

Teagan has found her tongue too :)

PS - if you enjoy this blog and look forward to new posts, leave me comments so that I know :) It helps to have some pressure! Ha!


Scott said...

As always, I really enjoy reading your blog & viewing the photos that you post there. Thanks so much for sharing, not only on your blog; but also by way of facebook; picaso; and text photos/messages. Teagan is a very special girl with very special parents!

- Scott/Dad/G-pa


Scott said...

. . . forgot to mention - that's a great collage of the state parks!


betsy said...

yay! yes, i check your blog at least once a week for new postings. so do it when you are able to ! :)

Lee said...

Not being a Facebook fanatic, it's great to see some of these pictures, which are new to me. We're totally unbiased, but we think she's a real cutie! Keep on bloggin' Chris!

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