Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Limbo is the Life for Us

Watkins Glen - always so beautiful

Gray Petaltail Dragonfly

Just a quick post.
Yesterday, I got done working about 6 straight weeks of around 60 hours per week. I now have to take a "required" break from the state (unpaid) for about two weeks. In regards to my work, it couldn't have happened in the worst time of the year. But for me and my own personal sanity, it is fantastic timing. This is just something that happens for all temporary/seasonal employees of the state. After so many pay periods (I think it's 14), you have to take a two week, unpaid break. So since I started back in Nov., it is falling right now. Oh well, at least I have a wonderful staff and they should be fine. And now I am off to State College to enjoy some of the Arts Fest!

On other great news - we have officially been approved to buy our house!!! YAY! Have a drink in celebration! Only about 6 months after starting our search.....not too shabby. And it looks like we will finally be able to close next Wednesday! So at least my break won't be completely wasted. One week of relaxing and one week of unpacking. Not too bad of a deal.

We have been staying with our friends Bill & Patina and their son Dylan. They have been so wonderful and have completely opened their lives to us. We are forever grateful to their kindness.

Here is Patina & Dylan at the Saturday night concert at Taughannock State Park.

Billy J.

Big D.

And we finally did end up being able to move our stuff into the garage of the house. We are so grateful, plus, it's going to lend to a nice and easy move - just across the doorways.
Because of the time constraint, we ended up going with the basic "clay" color for the siding. We really like it though and think that it was done really well. We can't wait to truly call it "home."

So that's the update from the West Side of the Lake. Stay tuned for the coming attractions!!