Monday, August 10, 2009

Some of Teagan's Firsts

Teagan has been growing in leaps and bounds! She is now 11 weeks today! I actually started this post a few weeks ago but got distracted and so there is a lot more to add. Here are some fun "first" experiences that she's had.

Here she is taking a bath. It's actually her second bath (I was by myself for her first bath and couldn't manage the camera at the same time.) She really seems to enjoy bath time so we do it about every other day.

Here she is on her first stroller ride - we went about a mile and a half - slept most of the way :) We've been trying to take walks regularly. She really seems to enjoy being outside.

Here she is with my parents downtown Ithaca. There was a band playing - so technically this was her first concert (although I can't remember what the band was.)

Here we are at our first meal out at a restaurant. We went to Kilpatrick's with my parents. She was really good and slept almost the whole time.

Here we are with David, Jeannie, Evan & Conell. This was Teagan's first hike - we went to Buttermilk Falls. She slept through the whole hike but woke up for ice cream afterwards :)

A second hike at Robert H. Treman the next day.

The girls at Robert H. Treman.

Her first brewery tour!

Here she is at Taughannock Falls State Park with Mike's parents. Again, she was really good and slept most of the time. Although she did wake up a minute to catch a quick glance of the falls :)

She was really excited :) Now we just need to get her to Watkins and we'll have all the major parks!

Here she is on her first long car ride to State College - she did really good - slept most of the way! She has been traveling really well.

Here we are after my first day back to work and her first whole day at day care. We've been doing pretty good with the adjustment. It was definitely the hardest thing to do but we're happy with the place she is going. I'm working 4 days a week for now, so that really helps with the transition.

And here we are at the Trumansburg Fair at Teagan's (and my) first MONSTER TRUCK show! Oh man, I was not prepared for that at all and soon realized that was not the best idea. SOOOO LOUD! Not the best place for an infant...but now we can say that Teagan was at a monster struck show when she was just one month old.....oh boy!